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Active Shooter Training

Active Shooter Safety Training

In collaboration with the Pomona Police Department and the Pomona Valley Interagency Task Force, First Christian Church Pomona is hosting an active shooter training event specific to Houses of Worship.

The intent of this training is not to inculcate fear or undermine the openness of our religious spaces; rather it is to train people how to immediately perceive and respond to this type of threat in the same manner we teach people to respond to fires by participating in fire drills.

The training will take place on Saturday, Feb 17, 2018 from 9:00 am to 12:00pm

At this training you will receive:
1.    In-depth discussion surrounding Run Hide Fight video
2.    Run/Hide/Fight tactics relevant to sanctuaries and large auditoriums
3.    Demonstration of fight tactics when Run/Hide is not an option
4.    Realistic Exercise Scenario allowing participants to demonstration what they learned


active shooter

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