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Sermon Audio, “Community and the Fruits of the Spirit”, Mike, 8/19/18

Here is Mike’s sermon from Sunday,August 19, 2018.

The scriptures were Galatians 5:22-26

(To play, click on the far left of the long rectangle.)


Fruits of the Spirit Word Cloud

The God Community Experiment

Susan Reed edits our blog & built our website. She is the coordinator for the “God Community” experiment.

The God Community

Every day people search for God on Google. Every month millions of people type in deep theological and spiritual questions into an automated program searching for reflections because they’re too embarassed, scared or lost to ask them of someone they know. Or they don’t have anyone to ask. They type in things like:

  • having fiath in god
  • god where are you
  • kingdom of god
  • searching for god
  • why god

The God Community experiment is a 100-post experiment on our church’s blog by lay members of our congregation. It is an attempt to give visitors and readers from around the world a chance to experience the vital community of thought and reflection that is First Christian Church Pomona.

For the next several months, lay members of our church will reflect on 100+ keywords related to faith, Christianity, God, Jesus, spirituality and much more that people are searching for in Google.

We’re giving very little direction on these blog posts. Aside from some basic Internet Writing guidelines (smaller paragraphs, SEO keyword targeting, etc) we’re opening it up. Including not providing capitalization or any punctuation in the key terms we’re giving people – because “Why, God?” is MUCH different than “why god…”

Some will undoubtedly be funny, some will be moving. Some may even be confusing.

Whatever happens, it will be interesting.

Most telling, however, is that we are NOT turning off the comments on these blog posts. Honest theology only develops in conversation. We’re putting it out there. Stating who we are, as individuals and a community.

And the world is invited to respond.


Wondering Questions, as used in our weekly Children’s Sermons

I wonder…

I wonder if anyone will read this.

I wonder how you found this blog.

I wonder if you’ve ever asked Google a question of Faith instead of another human being.

I wonder if people will post nasty comments or be lovingly moved to deeper faith?

I wonder where YOU are in this new story…