Protocols to Reopen the Church

Over top of a red outline of a heart are the words, "Look out for each other! With distance!" written in white chalk.

The LA County Department of Public Health does not recommend worshiping communities meet inside at this time. However, they have provided guidelines for faith communities that do meet indoors. Due to the size of our sanctuary, it is certain at this time we will not exceed the 50% capacity limit. Additional guidelines are official public health orders; these are legally binding requirements. These protocols are in place for your safety and the safety of those around you. Please support our volunteers by following their directions.

These protocols may change as conditions regarding pandemic in our area change. The Board is continually reviewing in order to make changes as needed and/or possible.

Worship from FCC Pomona includes a live virtual presence. Because of this, other changes have been made. The space includes people not physically in the room. You are asked to prayerfully remember this if you choose to attend in person.

May 16 is the date for opening the sanctuary to those who want to attend worship from inside the sanctuary. Please arrive 15 minutes before 10am to give the Volunteers time to do their jobs.

VIRTUAL ATTENDEES: Worship can still be attended virtually from wherever you find yourself on Sunday. This outreach ministry will continue into the future. Worship can be accessed each week at 10am via Facebook Live on the church’s Facebook page. If you “like” the page, you will get notifications of when a livestreamed service starts; if you are not on Facebook, you can access the service via the link in the bulletin emails.

Reopening Team(s) (each week): If you would like to volunteer to help, please contact Tim Kovacs or the Church Office. Each week, there will be:

  • Two greeters/contact tracers
  • Two ushers

Church Environment:

  • Signs will be posted throughout: Masking, six feet, sanitize regularly, cover your cough, no loitering in the entry way or in the narthex
  • There will be no seating area in the entry way.
  • Hand Sanitizer and masks will be available at each Contact Tracing table.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available at the back of the church, and between the bathrooms.
  • Pews available for seating will be clearly marked as will those that are off limits to account for social distancing:
    • First available pew will be the fourth one back
    • Congregants from the same household will sit together
    • Congregants from separate households will sit with two pews in between them
  • Painter’s tape or arrows will be placed on the floor to indicate the flow of traffic (enter from the sides and leave from the center)
  • Congregants will enter the “entry way” and approach two tables opposite the large center table. They will provide their contact information for tracing purposes. They will answer a COVID screening:
    • Have you been diagnosed with COVID in the last 14 days?
    • Are you currently having any COVID related symptoms?
    • Have you been in contact with anyone who has COVID in the last 7 days?
    • Have you traveled outside of the US in the last 10 days (if yes, person if cleared if they have had COVID in the last three months or if they are fully vaccinated)?
      • Attendees who answer “Yes” to any of the above cannot be admitted inside as per public health order.
  • At the end of service, the Volunteer Team will dismiss participants:
    • Contact Tracers will monitor the Narthex and the Entry Way to ensure smooth and speedy exits. The Ushers will dismiss congregants from back to front. Visiting may be done outside. Please remember to maintain 6ft. of distance.

Role of the Return to Service Team:

  • Two for Contract Tracing before the start of service
  • Two Ushers for Seating
  • Contact Tracers collect information and then have the individuals follow the arrows on the floor to the available usher who will seat them.
  • The Ushers will accompany congregants to where they want to sit in the sanctuary.
  • Please email or call the Church Office by the Thursday before the service with prayer requests. In the event that this is not possible, a designated Usher will deliver any last minute prayer requests to pastor. These messages need to be received no later than 10 minutes prior to service.
  • After the service starts, the Contact Tracers enter the back of church and all four volunteers help people remember to remain masked, six feet apart, and follow traffic flow.
  • At this time, there can be no Children’s Church and no children socializing between families.
    • Children’s materials will be distributed at the Contact Tracing table. These will continue to be emailed to congregants so you can print them at home if you prefer.


  • Bathrooms on the either side of the sanctuary are available.
  • Only one person at a time – signs will be posted on each door


  • Our paid cleaning crew will sanitize in between services: Bathrooms, sanctuary and entry way.


  • Individually wrapped, disposable communion kits will be available at entry tables.

Passing of the Peace

  • This will be done verbally only. There will be no physical contact, greeting via elbow bumps, etc. at this time.


  • As we initially gather, there will not be singing. This will be evaluated as we move forward. Humming is fine.

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