Julie’s Jar: Epiphany

epiphanyHad any epiphanies lately? Any “ah-ha” moments? The life of a follower of Jesus can include little epiphanies, awakenings as we open our lives more and more to God.


The season of Epiphany is upon us now. It is a season in which Christ is revealed in his baptism and transfiguration. It is a season in which people are invited to follow and be part of the mission of Jesus: the calling of disciples (including present day disciples like us).


The Christmas season is past, but the work of Christmas has just begun, as Howard Thurman noted in his poem: “When the song of the angel is sung, when the star in the sky is gone, when the kings and the shepherds have found their way home, the work of Christmas is begun.”


The work begins in us as we allow our lives to be epiphanies of Christ in us. We are the “ah-ha” people who continue to count hope as our greatest asset. In order to be an “ah-ha” people, we need to have our own “ah-ha” moments, individually and collectively.


Epiphanies, whether they come in thunder clapping lightening or the sound of silence (remember Elijah?) are moments when we experience the presence of God. For the most part, these experiences happen to people who practice. 95% of most experience is showing up. Showing up for God means allowing time and space in our lives for God to show up for us.


There are times I experience the presence of God in ways I don’t expect. What is clear to me is that I have those experiences because I’ve practiced learning what they are like by showing up for regular spiritual practices: lectio divina, community worship, labyrinth.


The only practice in which I always experience a sense of God’s presence and/or the companionship of Christ is worship. It is among the body of Christ that epiphanies regularly happen.  It is my fervent hope that you experience God’s presence, that you have regular epiphanies among the beloved community.


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