We are the people of First Christian Church, Pomona. Our individual belief structures vary, but as a church we hold many core ideas in common. Being associated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) denomination, we do not promote any creed or doctrine other than to live as followers of Christ. As the saying goes, “No creed but Christ”. However, to help you understand us a bit more, here are some of our guiding principles:

Our Core Belief: There is room for you at the Table.

  • The Table is an experience of divine hospitality. Christ is the host and invites everyone to experience God’s love. We invite all to full participation in a common life where there is no discrimination by economic class, gender, sexual orientation, race, culture or physical ability. We fully accept and affirm people who are LGBTQ+. This congregation seeks to provide opportunities for enrichment and service, striving for justice and peace and bringing hope to all according to their needs and abilities.
  • The Table shapes us…as disciples of Christ.
  • The Table forms and transforms community. Gathering at the Table regularly reminds us that we belong to God and each other, and that we are a sign of Christ’s reconciliation in the world. We look to each other for companionship and support in our life’s journey with Christ. We celebrate the diversity of our community and are committed to being citizens of the world.
  • The Table empowers us to be Christ’s hands, heart, hope, and feet in the world. The Table is the launchpad for ministry, of sharing God’s love in word and deed. We are called upon by God to pray for and respond to people in their need and to address underlying social problems of our community and world. We are committed to discerning the will of God in our lives and in expanding the boundaries of Christ’s love in the world. As a congregation, our mission is to stand in the transforming intersections of life, creating holy space for that relationship to develop, transform, and sustain our lives.



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