• A photo taken from behind of six church members hiking on a dirt trail through a lush green forest.

    Julie’s Jar: Church Backpacking Trip

    Every year, for the last 30 plus years, there has been an FCC Pomona backpacking trip – except for LAST year due to the pandemic and the year BEFORE that due to smoke from fires. With great hope, 11 of us plan to backpack in the Eastern Sierra Nevada the

  • Several small green sprouts grow amidst dark brown soil.

    New Protocols for Worship

    General Board members met on June 21st to discuss how the congregation will adapt to new State and LA County measures concerning COVID-19 precautions. Following are the new policies which will be reviewed in the Fall, unless circumstances change and/or Public Officer Health Orders change. Because most of the children

  • Multiple teardrop-shaped lightbulbs are lit, glowing orange and purple, against a dark background. Image by 453169 from Pixabay.

    Julie’s Jar: Adaptive Solutions

    The uncertainty with which people around the globe have been living for over a year has taken a toll, along with the actual lives lost and forever changed. Uncertainty is a frame of reference that makes most people exceedingly uncomfortable. We do not think our best thoughts, engage in clarity

  • A black and white photo of a quote from Isaiah 43:10, "You are my witnesses," etched into a stone-paneled wall at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Image by hannahlmyers from Pixabay.

    Julie’s Jar: Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021

    Joshua M. Greene taught Holocaust history at Hofstra University. Recently, he wrote, “The further the Holocaust recedes into history, the more we witness a dangerous trend toward substituting generic commemoration for the specifics of what occurred. A lighting of candles, a recitation of names and a promise to never forget

  • Pages of books are arranged at various angles, taking up the entire frame of the photo.

    Julie’s Jar: Whose Story Gets Remembered?

    He is the so-called father of modern gynecology: Dr. J. Marion Sims. It was the mid-1800s when he began conducting experimental surgeries in Montgomery, Alabama. These surgeries were “performed” on 11 enslaved women, none of whom could give consent. None of them received anesthesia during surgery, no pain relief of