• Pages of books are arranged at various angles, taking up the entire frame of the photo.

    Julie’s Jar: Whose Story Gets Remembered?

    He is the so-called father of modern gynecology: Dr. J. Marion Sims. It was the mid-1800s when he began conducting experimental surgeries in Montgomery, Alabama. These surgeries were “performed” on 11 enslaved women, none of whom could give consent. None of them received anesthesia during surgery, no pain relief of

  • A green leaf in the shape of a heart sits in the middle of a worn gray and red rope knot against a weathered gray wooden surface.

    Julie’s Jar: Extending the Table

    Twelve people showed up for a Zoom meeting on a Saturday at 2 in the afternoon; four of them didn’t have any connection to our congregation before the meeting. Three are from Lee Vining Community Church, and yes, there is a connection there since that is a place that we

  • FCC Pomona's Advent evergreen Advent wreath, fully lit on Christmas Eve. 3 purple taper candles and 1 pink candle surround the central white Christ candle.

    Julie’s Jar: I Could Hear the People Praying

    The sunset on Christmas Eve was beautiful. The rain that lingered most of the day had ceased, leaving the church parking lot freshly washed for our first ever parking lot service. There were practically no cars in sight as I drove in, a clear path having been installed just an

  • A single taper candle is lit against a dark background.

    Julie’s Jar: Fuel of Faith

    “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances,” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). In ALL circumstances? No one I know has given thanks for 2020, as if a year has any power over human destiny. We’ve even managed to scapegoat time! Paul is exhorting the Christians in Thessolonica to do

  • A white ceramic five-pointed star is stied over a wooden five-pointed star with a thick red cord.

    Julie’s Jar: Thankful, Curious, Hopeful

    Six months ago, Mike and I really thought there would be inside, in person worship at FCC Pomona during Advent. Well, we can’t predict the future. When I’ve lived through difficult experiences and seasons in my life, these questions help reframe my experience. What am I learning? What can I