• Julie’s Jar: What Do We Owe Each Other?

    The wedding was held in Maine: A destination wedding at a lodge with cabins. More than 65 people gathered to celebrate the nuptials, even though the limit in the state of Maine is currently 50 maximum for public gatherings. The owner of the facility insisted they followed required protocols. Contract

  • Julie’s Jar: The New Old Trail

    For 38 years we’ve been hiking the trails in and around Lee Vining, CA. Some of the trails we hike every year multiple times; there is familiarity with the surroundings and a comfort in returning to places that bring delight and joy. How is it that after all these years

  • Julie’s Jar: The Exodus from Egypt – Pandemic 2020: The Story Still Resonates

    Sunday’s Sermon from July 19, 2020, revamped for the Caller Exodus 13:17-22 The Israelites were dislocated from every routine, every familiarity in which they found identity and a sense of belonging. We are in a time and space, a world experience, in which we are dislocated from all the little

  • The Good Neighbor Promise

    “As a good neighbor, I will….” PRACTICE SAFETY Hand-washing (20 seconds w/soap and water) Physical distancing (minimum of 6 ft) AND Face-covering (whenever you are in public places, or caring for someone who has been exposed) It’s not physical distancing OR face covering: These are meant to be in tandem

  • Julie’s Jar: Together Across Distance

    It is said that starting with gratitude is a good way to find joy and happiness in one’s life consistently. What can we be grateful for during a pandemic? I, for one, am grateful for the capacity you are developing as a congregation to be more nimble in order to