• Sabbatical

    Sabbatical is a time to lie fallow, not be too concerned with producing results. For pastors, it is a time in which one can step away from the daily demands and routines of congregational life for intellectual and spiritual growth, for respite. I am deeply grateful to serve a congregation

  • Why are we explicit? In our welcome….

    Because there are people who are explicit in their hating. When I was 14, I had a crush on a boy in school: old story. What was unusual was his use of the swastika; he’d drawn it on his book covers and other various places. It never occurred to me

  • Lent – It’s Not About Giving Up

    When I was in elementary school, around this time of year, I remember friends of mine would suddenly say at lunch, “Oh I can’t eat that; I gave it up for Lent.” What was this “Lent” of which they spoke with such authority and finality? They never seemed to know,

  • No Room…Still

    We read about it in the papers. There is not enough housing available in California to meet the current need; there are roughly 600,000 units needed to meet current demand. We know people are being displaced by high rents and/or lack of availability. Our congregation helps support Our House Shelter,

  • Julie’s Jar – Living History

    Once a year, Old South Church (UCC) packs up handbells, brass choir, cookies, coffeepots, wastebaskets and more and heads across Boston to their original meetinghouse for worship. The congregation has in its DNA a predisposition to “mouth-off” as the British derided them. They spoke up against slavery, spoke up for