• Julie’s Jar: Words Create Worlds

    The story of Betty Vasquez captured my imagination and continues to inspire me. I told her story in my sermon on Jan. 5th. Betty was forced to move when gangs literally moved into her house. She relocated to another part of her country: Honduras. 22% of Hondurans live outside their

  • Julie’s Jar: Light

    Light is a major theme during the Christmas season. The opening of the gospel of John is a hymn or poem about the word and the light that is coming into the world. When first this blessing was read to me, it felt as though divine presence showed up and

  • Julie’s Jar: Gratitude

    “I want to be an associate member of your church; they are so welcoming!” These words were spoken by one of the speakers at the memorial service for Rev. Dr. Ernest Newborn. They were spoken with great sincerity and appreciation. December 8th was a full day for our community of

  • Advent: Making Space for Christ

    How do you get ready for Christmas? Perhaps you decorate a tree and put up decorations around your home. There may be special gatherings with friends, a concert you like to attend, or a place to visit that is decorated with lovely lights. It may also be that you get

  • A candle holder formed by six figures with their arms around each other, surrounding a flame in the center.

    Julie’s Jar: We Can Do Something

    What happens when people don’t make enough money to live where they work? It’s a question hundreds of thousands of people in our own state of California face every day. It’s a growing reality for our neighbors in Pomona and certainly for people who live in adjacent communities. People are