• Julie’s Jar, “Remembering What I Did Know”

    ~Remembering What I Did Know~ I was on the cusp of being 8 years old the day Dr. King was assassinated. It wasn’t talked about in our home that I recall. It wasn’t a topic of conversation. I did not know until much later in life that¬†“Just weeks before .

  • Julie’s Jar, Purpose of the Church – Part 2

    ~Purpose of the Church – Part 2~ Four weeks ago during worship, I asked those present to finish this prompt: The purpose of the church is… and my part in its…. In this Caller, I present the rest of those responses.¬†There are some overarching themes: radical welcome, sharing God’s love

  • Julie’s Jar

    Last Sunday I asked the gathered community to finish this prompt: “The purpose of the church is….and my part in it is….” Thank you to everyone who thought about this and who wrote something. Over the next few Caller issues, I’ll be sharing all of them without reference to who

  • Julie’s Jar, “Learning from Suffering”

    Learning from suffering… Everyone suffers. This is part of the human condition. Why is it then we seek to distract ourselves from it, run from it, eliminate it? It is impossible to eliminate suffering. I recently heard a young woman reflect on the need for Christians “to learn to suffer

  • Julie’s Jar, “Take A Moment”

    There is a practice among Christians during the season of Lent. That practice is to “give something up”. The practice is ostensibly for the purpose of appreciating in some small way the suffering of Jesus. How about we flip that practice and all of the underlying assumptions it perpetuates? Everyone