• Julie’s Jar, “Beginning Again”

    ~Beginning Again~ I determined to explore the writings and life of Howard Thurman more fully, more deeply. Mike took a class on his life and writings and many of his books are in our personal library. I’ve been reading Ph.D. Dissertation ABOUT Dr. Thurman while reading one of his books,┬áThe

  • Julie’s Jar, “Barriers & Breakthroughs”

    ~Barriers & Breakthroughs~ “I want to say how inspired I am by your heroic stories.” Those were Mike’s words of reflection as we went around the circle. Over 30 people gathered to have a conversation. The frame of the conversation was simple: what are the barriers to housing, what made

  • Julie’s Jar, “Can People Blossom?”

    ~Can People Blossom?~ There is a very long tradition of reading the Bible daily through a schedule of readings called the Daily Office. The reading for the morning of Feb. 1, included Psalm 72. It’s a royal psalm, exhorting the king to “defend the cause of the poor people, give

  • Julie’s Jar

    ~~Inspired by Richard Rohr~~ The story is a doorway to the infinite. The story is NOT the infinite. We cannot contain the infinite in the story. That is the mistake made by fundamentalism. Our story, the Christian story, opens the doorway to these truths: God overcomes the gap and comes

  • Julie’s Jar, “Carolers Bring Cheer”

    ~Carolers Bring Cheer~ Thank you to: Christi Wiley, Carol Wiley, Tom Reed, Jennifer Marceau, Shelby Marceau, Hank Mollet, Julie Zivnak, Julie Jolly, Bob Benza, Amy Ellison, Alicia Martin, Jan Akin, Ray Akin, Mike Fronk. Together we went caroling to many of our home-bound members on Dec. 4th. It fills me