• “Left Hand Remark” by Mike Fronk

    Left Hand Remark 14 days in Cuba By Rev. Mike Fronk Many people love to travel internationally, seeing new places, experiencing local culture, trying exotic foods. All this and more can be yours on a good trip. These were some of the outcomes on my trip to Cuba but it

  • Julie’s Jar, “Olympics”

      ~Olympics~ They make it look so effortless. Some of them absolutely fly through the air, whether it is on the balance beam, the bars, the vault or the floor. Many people have watched with utter amazement the gymnasts at the Olympics. We all know, however, that these athletic feats

  • Julie’s Jar, “Love Your Neighbor”

    My friend was visiting family in Arkansas last year when Emmanuel AME church people were brutally attacked and murdered in a Bible study at which they’d welcomed their killer. Conversation about the “rebel” flag surfaced. She was told that it represented their history, the lives of ancestors lost in war

  • Julie’s Jar, “Beauty”

    ~Beauty~ My heart is aching. I can hardly keep the tears from pouring out of me. There is so much ugliness. I turn off the TV so I don’t have the visual playing in my mind’s eye like a rerun that won’t go away. Getting pulled over because a light

  • Julie’s Jar, “After Orlando”

    ~After Orlando~ “I won’t go to your church because it’s too liberal.” Someone recently shared that this comment was made about First Christian Church Pomona. More specifically, it had to do with the fact that our ministerial intern is openly gay and that the congregation is open and affirming. The