• Julie’s Jar, “Tradition”

    Tradition… Thanksgiving is filled and fraught with tradition. When you think of the traditions of Thanksgiving that were part of your life 20, 30, 50 years ago, what has changed and what has stayed constant? The people change as loved ones and friends come in and out of our lives

  • Julie’s Jar, On “The Gathering”

    On “The Gathering” Thank you for being First Christian Church of Pomona, a place where the edges of our region met on Oct. 22nd. Thank you for being a people of tremendous Christian hospitality, without guile in the midst of fun and frustrations. I am deeply grateful especially to Ginger

  • Julie’s Jar

    Jesus was born into a culture of violence. Games of brutality were popular with men fighting one another, sometimes to the death. Often they were forced to fight for their lives. This was considered entertainment. Keeping the peace or Pax Romana, was done by military force. It is not so

  • Julie’s Jar

    I imagine there are some people who are sad, angry or indignant that the fourth grade mission project, once a rite of passage for parents of California 4th graders, has gone the way of the dinosaur. I am not one of them. One day, after both our children had moved on

  • Julie’s Jar, “Trying Something New”

    ~Trying Something New~ The first Spiritual Practices of Pomona Meet Up group met last night. 12 people RSVPd who are not associated with the congregation. One actually was brave enough to show up! Four church members were present, the visitor and a Disciples clergyperson serving at Urban Mission in Pomona.