• Julie’s Jar, “Trying Something New”

    ~Trying Something New~ The first Spiritual Practices of Pomona Meet Up group met last night. 12 people RSVPd who are not associated with the congregation. One actually was brave enough to show up! Four church members were present, the visitor and a Disciples clergyperson serving at Urban Mission in Pomona.

  • Julie’s Jar, “Charlottesville”

    The phrase “politically correct” is most often used to marginalize speech and people. It is used to dismiss and disregard concerns that are legitimately raised by people who desire to bring greater reconciliation among all people. On Sunday during our time of prayer, I stated that there was a time

  • Julie’s Jar, “Green Chalice”

    A guiding value for Christians is found in the saying of Jesus from Matthew 25:45, “when you did it to the least of these, you also did it to me”. This phrase is one of the most foundational for Christians, guiding our response to pain of the world we believe

  • Julie’s Jar, Christian Unity

    The first two Sundays of July were focused on Christian unity. In what has been called “the priestly prayer” from the gospel of John, Jesus prays for his followers. In the setting, Jesus is alone, praying this long prayer. Who wrote down the prayer? Who recorded it? It is a

  • Julie’s Jar

    One out of every three bites of food you eat is the result of a pollinator. Every third bite we take, we should be thanking a pollinator: butterflies, bees, etc. I learned that there is National Pollinator Week: June 20-26. Thank a pollinator you have strawberries, zucchini, avocados, oranges, almonds