Pentecost: Experiencing the Spirit in the Day to Day

A candle holder formed by six figures with their arms around each other, surrounding a flame in the center.

Pentecost is upon us. The event is like a fairy-tale to me: the physical manifestation of the Holy Spirit in tongues of fire, the disciples doing things they had never done before, and finally the proclamation and change in the crowd. These events are hard to relate to for some. I’ve never seen tongues of fire; I have seen people speak in tongues even did some myself, but it wasn’t a spiritually satisfying thing for me.

The event is often called the birthday of the Church, when the Jesus movement traveled beyond the inner circle of eye witnesses out into the broader world, our world. So where is our Pentecost? The members of First Christian Church, Pomona are a head and heart sort of people, the manifestation of the Holy Spirit is likely to be seen in the acts, prayers, witness, thoughts, caring, visits, concerns, words, and worship of its people.

We live out Pentecost through the life of the church together. Our congregation is as important in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ as the disciples in Acts 2. Our life in the realm of the Holy Spirit empowers us to create the space for people to hear the same words the people visiting Jerusalem did over 2000 year ago. The message still rings true.

You are a child of God. You are beloved. In Jesus Christ we welcome you into this Holy Circle. This is the power of the Holy Spirit.

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