• Julie’s Jar – “Flight”

    Southeast of downtown Los Angeles are five (now 6) small cities where blue collar/white collar middle class, mostly white families raised their children until the early 1970s. I grew up in this part of LA County. In a matter of one decade the neighborhoods changed due to countless sociological factors

  • Julie’s Jar: Bus-man’s Holiday

    Every time we step into sacred time and space, it is an invitation to immerse ourselves in the presence of God, in whom we live and move and have our being.

  • Julie’s Jar, “I Did Not Learn That in California History”

    The 14th amendment became law 150 years ago in July 1868 and over night, 4 million former slaves became citizens. Opposition to the new law became a broader campaign against the federal government. One of the states that resisted the most was California. California was a free state but refused

  • Julie’s Jar, “Dear Millenials,”

    Dear Millenials, You are not the first generation to be called whiners and you won’t be the last.* You are not the first generation to be called unpatriotic because you questioned out loud the domestic and foreign policy of your country and you won’t be the last.* You are not

  • Julie’s Jar, “Hits a Nerve”

    It hits a deep nerve, this news. As I listened to pieces of the report, it hit a deep nerve. For years, reports of child abuse by clergy in the Roman Catholic church in a diocese in Pennsylvania were covered up. According to the grand jury report, over 300 priests