• Julie’s Jar: Resources on Our Webpage

    *Content Warning: Article includes discussion of sexual assault* The front door of the church for most first time visitors is our webpage. Sometimes people go to our virtual front door because they are interested in finding a church home. Sometimes people arrive looking for help. This page is also a resource for you

  • Julie’s Jar: Loyal Disloyalty

    Do you remember King George? The King George who couldn’t understand why those colonists weren’t happy? According to the musical Hamilton, he took it very personally that there were people under his rule who didn’t like the way he was running things. Their criticism was a sign of their disloyalty, which

  • Julie’s Jar: The Invitation

    “Why don’t the pastors give ‘the invitation’ after the sermon anymore?” The Elders have discussed this and it was a topic of conversation at the General Board meeting a number of years ago. Among congregations that identify as Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) many still offer “the invitation” to confess

  • Julie’s Jar: “Custodians of an Inner World”

    “Each one of us is the custodian of an inner world that we carry around with us.” John O’Donahue Sabbatical was a season of deepening my capacity to be the custodian of my own inner world, taking more responsibility for the landscape of my soul. How is it with your

  • Garage Floor Grace

    I like to see how things work. When I was a child, my wondering about the workings of the universe, or as I knew it, my dad’s garage, was a place of endless joy to me. If you had asked my dad about it, he would have said that it