New Protocols for Worship

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General Board members met on June 21st to discuss how the congregation will adapt to new State and LA County measures concerning COVID-19 precautions. Following are the new policies which will be reviewed in the Fall, unless circumstances change and/or Public Officer Health Orders change. Because most of the children of the congregation cannot be vaccinated at this time, adults who are also not vaccinated are urged to engage in all the protocols as recommended by the Center for Disease Control. As the Delta variant may become more prevalent in the months ahead, it is essential that we protect our children from potential asymptomatic carriers. 

The following practices are all currently recommended or required by CDC, Public Health Officer of California, Public Health Officer of LA County:

Concerning Masking and Distance

  1. UPDATED 7/18/21: Masks are required inside the building at all times for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.
  2. Unvaccinated people shall remain 6 feet from others inside. At this time, unvaccinated people shall refrain from singing inside the sanctuary. (Different qualities of masks and monitoring proper mask wearing make this inadvisable at the present time.)
  3. Children/youth who are not vaccinated shall remain at least 3 feet apart from children/youth not in their household. Outside interaction can and will be encouraged.

Concerning Communion

The disposable Communion kits shall be used through the summer and their use will be re-evaluated. People may choose to bring their own Communion if they desire; we know that the disposable kits are not particularly user-friendly for everyone, so we highly encourage you to make it your own!


Screening will continue as greeters keep track of vaccinated/unvaccinated attendees and if people may have been exposed to COVID-19.


We will continue to receive the offering in baskets located at the back of the sanctuary.

Passing of the Peace

This continues to be on pause as a time of milling about and greeting. However, people of the same household or people who are vaccinated and sitting together may choose to share greetings.

Fellowship Time

Seating will be returned to the entryway and people may visit in the entryway. People who are not vaccinated are urged to remain masked and distanced. The breezeway outside (shaded) is also available for visiting. 


Visitors shall also be screened and given a note card welcoming them with a brief list of guidelines. Signage will be modified at the church entrance and the sanctuary entrances (for late arrivals).

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