We congratulate you on your intention to enter into marriage and your interest in having a church wedding.  It is our hope at First Christian Church that your wedding will be beautiful and meaningful; but even more, that your marriage will be enduring and mutually satisfying. At First Christian Church Pomona we welcome all couples who are interested in having a religious, God-centered ceremony and marriage to commit themselves in our sanctuary. We are open and welcoming to those couples who are same-sex as well as those who are not, since we believe that the covenant of marriage is something made before God.

We want your day to go smoothly and pleasantly, to be the day of your dreams, but also to respect the our sanctuary and what it stands for in our church life. Toward this end we have devised certain procedures to help the ceremony go smoothly and according to your highest hopes.

We believe that marriage is an institution ordained by God and we encourage couples to do everything they can to prepare for a good marriage.  We remind you of the importance of ongoing nurture and renewal in order for the marriage to remain alive and growing. If you wish, we can provide excellent references for premarital or marital counseling to give you lots of great tools that will get you off on the right foot.

We wish you much happiness as you plan for your “adventure of a lifetime.”

Rev. Dr. Julie Roberts-Fronk & Rev. Michael Fronk, Pastors

Your Wedding at First Christian Church Pomona

Your wedding should be as full of meaning and beauty as possible.  To further this aim the following arrangements are made so that you wedding will be conducted in a beautiful and memorable way. Weddings are celebrated in our Sanctuary, which holds 325 people.  Receptions can be held in our Fellowship Hall, which seats 175-190 people.

Setting the Date and Time

As soon as you have set the date for your wedding, begin to make your arrangements by calling the church office.  The secretary will notify our wedding coordinator, who will be in touch with you.  It is necessary that you
clear the date and time as far in advance as possible before making other arrangements as our facility is an active and busy one and we are unable to move previously scheduled events.

Our wedding coordinator will complete your reservation and other arrangements for you.  She is familiar with the correct rehearsal and wedding procedures.

Pastoral Interviews

The Pastors of this church wish to know you personally and to share some of their experience with living in a Christian marriage. Make an appointment for several weeks in advance of the ceremony at the very latest. In addition to getting to know each other, this interview helps our pastors craft a ceremony which will mirror you and your beloved’s individual styles, personalities, histories and desires. Because this can be quite time-consuming for our pastors, please due them the courtesy of holding this interview as soon after setting your date as possible.


When ordering your invitations the following form for the name and address is suggested:

First Christian Church

1751 North Park Avenue

Pomona, California 91768

Wedding Directions

You can find written directions on our “Getting Here” page

Decorating The Church

Make arrangements for your floral decorations with your florist after your conference with the wedding coordinator.  It is wise to set the date and time on your florist’s calendar as early as possible, especially if your wedding is near a holiday.


The wedding coordinator will arrange for a rehearsal at your mutual convenience.  The entire wedding party should attend the rehearsal.  Attendance of parents or grandparents not participating in the service is optional.  Please be prompt for the rehearsal and for the wedding. (Remember the time constraints.)


Flash photography is not permitted during the ceremony.  Video cameras may be used, but must be stationary and must use existing light.  The photographer is not allowed to move around during the service to take pictures.  Arrangements for family photographs may be arranged before or after the service. We understand your desires for permanent memories of this day, but we also remind you that a wedding is a sacred service.

Church Rules for Weddings

  1. NO SMOKING is allowed in any of the buildings.
  2. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are allowed in the building or on the grounds.
  3. For safety reasons, no rice, birdseed or confetti is permitted.
  4. Dressing rooms are restricted to members of the wedding party.
  5. Dress appropriately for a house of worship.

It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to see that the members of the wedding party are aware of the above information (Please conform to the above rules.)

Limit of Liability

Pomona First Christian Church assumes no responsibility for the loss of valuables (including wedding presents) left unattended.  Participants are encouraged to carry cameras or other possessions with them, or to lock them in a secure place (e.g., the trunk of a car).

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