• Julie’s Jar: “You Can’t Reinvent the Past”

    The words, “You can’t reinvent the past,” were spoken in my hearing recently. It was in reference to a monastic community that was expelled from a country and tried to re-form itself in another country. It learned that it couldn’t just re-invent what they were; they had to become something

  • A Theology of People

    My sister, Linda, teaches 5th grade in Salinas, CA. Her students come from some of the poorest immigrant families in the state of California. Poverty is a predictor of academic performance and often keeps students from receiving the instruction they deserve. My sister’s students come in the Fall with many

  • Something Old, Something New

    Cooking from scratch is how we cook. This is the preferred method of food preparation in our home. Starting a church from scratch however, is not something I ever wanted to do or felt called to do. It just sounds like a lot of work and no fun. Recently, a

  • Receiving Compassion

    This guided meditation is 15 minutes in length and incorporates your imagination and silence to explore a time you received compassion. It is a centering practice and begins with a time of guided relaxation. Thanks to Frank Rogers and Center for Engaged Compassion for permission to share this meditation. (www.centerforengagedcompassion.com)