• Julie’s Jar, “What Does Your Church Stand For?”

    Ben Bohren is preaching very soon and when I read his sermon title “What Does Your Church Stand For?” my first thought was “With WHOM Does Your Church Stand?” FCC Pomona is more and more a place of relationality. Relationships with God, Christ and with people are primary. Issues come

  • Julie’s Jar, “Protecting Our Memory”

    ~Protecting Our Memory~ A deeply held fear people across the world share is the fear of losing their memory. We lament the loss of recognition in family or friend whose mind experiences the wasting of dementia. We grieve amnesia in people we know and we fear our own forgetfulness. Why

  • Julie’s Jar, “Elders on Evangelism”

    ~Elders on Evangelism~ Candidates for ordained ministry meet with the Committee on Ministry of our Region in order to get approval for ordination. Among the many requirements is a set of 16 competencies which the candidate is supposed to be proficient, in conversation and action. Ginger Eckeard, current chairperson of

  • Julie’s Jar, “Good Grief”

    ~Good Grief~ Mike and I attended a symposium recently at Claremont School of Theology. It was co-sponsored by Forest Lawn and the topic was “Traumatic Death and Suicide”. Over 100 people attended: nurses, parole officers, clergy – pastors and chaplains, and people who are surviving the grief wrought by these

  • Julie’s Jar, “A Welcoming Word”

    ~A Welcoming Word~ How do most people find FCC Pomona for the first time? Over 90% of first time visitors find us on the internet. Many of them are looking for a church that is welcoming and affirming of people who are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender. Often they will