• Julie’s Jar, “Wedding Cakes”

    ~Wedding Cakes~ A bakery in Colorado would make wedding cakes only for “traditional” couples. The bakery had done a wedding cake for dogs, which seems a bit untraditional. After learning that a recent wedding cake order was for a gay couple, the owner said, “No can do.” The bakery had

  • Julie’s Jar: “A Purpose of Prayer”

      “Meditation is too hard for me; I just can’t focus.” “Praying seems like a waste of time when I have so many other things to do.” “I just pray when I think about it.” Driving north on Highway 395, the sky was expansive and the clouds were stretched across

  • Julie’s Jar: “Liturgy means…”

      Liturgy is a church word that can mean something related to worship. It sometimes refers to a reading, responsive or otherwise. To many ears, it sounds “churchey” and maybe even stuffy.   Liturgy simply means “the work of the people”. Liturgy, the worship life of a congregation does not

  • Julie’s Blog: “Season of Lamentation and Listening”

    When tragedy strikes, lamentation is called for. The community of faith at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church is the epicenter of lamentation and the waves of grief reverberate throughout the city, the state and the region. It is a time to wail and cry, even to yell and scream: to

  • Julie’s Jar: “Belonging”

      Outwitted by Edwin Markham He drew a circle that shut me out: heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. Love and I had the wit to win. We drew a circle that took him in.   Edwin Markham grew up in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ); our denomination was