Julie’s Jar “Getting Ready”

~Getting Ready~

There is a lot of getting ready going on. In addition to everything else going on in our lives: work, doctor’s appointments, exercise, class, finals, looking for work, grieving, running errands, going to holiday concerts and programs, cleaning, etc., etc., etc., we are getting ready for Christmas. There is a lot of getting ready going on: decorating, writing cards, getting gifts to give, baking, more cleaning, etc., etc., etc.

Sometimes, this getting ready helps us better anticipate the Christmas that is coming, the light that is coming into the world again and again. Sometimes, this external getting ready becomespresents another task to complete with little benefit to our spiritual well-being.

Consider this; how can I more fully prepare my soul, my heart, my spirit, to fully receive the gift that God gives to me and the world every Christmas? Consider how you might attend more mindfully and heartfully to the tasks at hand, pondering the presence of the sacred in each activity. Consider seeking something (an activity or a time of quiet) that genuinely softens your soul to be more receptive to the deep and abiding love God wants you to receive.

The gift of God’s unconditional love is amazing and even overwhelming when we are open and receptive to accepting it. The gift transforms us into more loving people. Jesus came into the world to invite us to follow him on this way. As we grow up in Christ, we become more capable of unconditional love ourselves. Surely, this is a project worth being part of.

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