Julie’s Jar, On “The Gathering”

On “The Gathering”

Thank you for being First Christian Church of Pomona, a place where the edges of our region met on Oct. 22nd. Thank you for being a people of tremendous Christian hospitality, without guile in the midst of fun and frustrations. I am deeply grateful especially to Ginger Eckeard, for spear heading our combined efforts. She regularly attended meetings of the planning committee, followed up with phone calls and much, much more. Those of you who had time and capacity pitched in and made the event “one of the best regional gatherings/assemblies ever in the PSWR”. This was an oft heard and repeated phrase during and after the event.

That’s right, you laid the foundations of hospitality, rolled with the changes, stepped up to serve when the ground shifted and made a place for God’s Spirit to move more easily through the entire event. Sure, it’s not rocket science, but we weren’t making rockets. We were doing something that is even harder:  creating a safe and welcoming environment for people from a wide variety of backgrounds – theologically, politically, economically, socially, ethnically, etc.

Mike and I are so proud and grateful to serve such an amazing congregation that seeks to be a people of grace. May the grace of God fill you with whatever you need this week to be the creative child of God you are.


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