Julie’s Jar, “Seeking Advice”

adviceAll of us from time to time, seek the advice of a trusted friend, a doctor, a lawyer, even a pastor. What about the Holy Spirit? Have you ever considered seeking the advice of God? Sure, we pray, but do we ever really get a direct answer?

Unlike seeking the advice of a person we know, that is visibly and audibly present, it takes practice to perceive the present reality of the Holy Spirit. It requires something more than simply asking “God, what should I do?” First of all, there are likely multiple answers to that question. There may be no right way, but perhaps several good ways. How do I choose? How do I seek the hope of God in my life?

Asking questions like these amount to the Olympics and most people haven’t even shown up for practice. It takes regular practice of showing up with God, even when it’s boring, even when the connection seems faint or non-existent.

We are entering the season of Pentecost, the season of the Spirit, the action and activity of God through our living. In three weeks, I will attend a three day discernment retreat, seeking to learn more deeply how to listen to the movement, wisdom and advice of the Holy Spirit. I’ll drive in traffic each day to a church in San Gabriel and schlep back in traffic to Pomona. It’s a small price to pay for the inward journey that will deepen my own capacity to discern.

It is my hope that you will consider ways you can show up for practice with the Holy Spirit this Pentecost season. And if you have a daily practice already, is there some new way of showing up to which God may be calling you? It is also my hope that we will as a community, re-commit to showing up together in worship, to listen as the body of Christ for the wisdom of God. It is how we can continue to allow the action and activity of God to be made apparent through our living.

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