Julie’s Jar: Embodying Transformation

A black and white artistic rendering of Martin Luther King, Jr sits on the left side of a square image. The background behind Dr. King is black; it is filled with words of various sizes and in various font colors (white and pale yellow). All of the words as associated with Dr. King in some way, such as "justice,' "peace," and "courage". Image via Pixabay.

Sheila Spencer is the Interim President of Disciples Home Missions (DHM). She grew up in our local region and taught elementary school in the Los Angeles School District before discerning a call to a different kind of ministry. Every week she shares her wisdom as part of the DHM newsletter. Recently, this is what she wrote:

“Dr. Bernice King is a thought leader, preacher, peace advocate and CEO of the King Center, which was founded by her mother. She is the daughter of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King. She is walking in her own authentic call and honoring the legacy of her father. Her site shares the four pillars of a transformative leader. As I reflected on these pillars, these are traits that each of us can embody as we walk in our authentic call.

Faith – The foundation for every plan, decision, and outcome.
Integrity – Your words should add not subtract from your character.
Commitment – The state of being dedicated to a cause, activity or mission.
Inspiration – Maximizing every interaction to create a lasting impression.”

All of us are leaders in some way, at some time in our life. I wish these pillars were visible to me from an early age. I wish adults had helped me understand these virtues instead of just telling me “Behave. Be a good girl.” But wishes don’t change anything. Over the years, I have learned these virtues are foundational for transformation in all of us, whether or not we are in a position of leadership at a given time. The learning has been hard won and often difficult to internalize. And there is still much room for growth.

As we seek to grow up in Christ, may all of us ponder the wisdom of these virtues. I believe they are building blocks to maturing into the people Christ knows us to be at our core.

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