140th Anniversary Celebration

Rev. Richie Sanchez, Regional Minister of the Pacific Southwest Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) stands behind the pulpit of FCC Pomona and presents a certificate in celebration of the church’s 140th anniversary to (from left to right), Rev. Mike Fronk, Rev. Dr. Julie Roberts-Fronk, and Chris Abbott. Richie, Julie, and Mike are all clad in ministerial robes and stoles; Richie’s robe is black, and Mike and Julie’s robes are white. Mike and Julie are both wearing stoles handcrafted by FCC member Donna Graham that celebrate the church’s 140 year history; Richie’s stole is purple and red. Chris Abbott is wearing a long short-sleeved floral dress. All four people are angled towards one another and are situated at the front of the sanctuary. Other church members are visible from behind in the pews. Mike, Julie, and Chris are all middle-aged White people; Richie is a middle-aged Hispanic man.

The 140th year of ministry at First Christian Church Pomona culminated in worship and lunch on Sunday, October 22nd. Seven storytellers shared their personal experiences of life together in Christian community, we received well wishes and congratulations from ministry partners, and an amazing lunch was prepared by our own resident chef Erle Saunders.

It is good to pause and celebrate how far we’ve come by faith. Included in those remembrances were statements of hope about what we are building for the future, for the people who will serve God and their neighbor from this community beyond our time. May the memories of that time strengthen us to orient our living around the good news of Christ more deeply with each day of our lives.

IMPORTANT: We are assembling pictures from the 140th Anniversary Celebration into an album on Facebook! If you have pictures that you’d like to contribute, please email them to fcc@fccpomona.org.

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