Julie’s Jar: “Liturgy means…”



Liturgy is a church word that can mean something related to worship. It sometimes refers to a reading, responsive or otherwise. To many ears, it sounds “churchey” and maybe even stuffy.


Liturgy simply means “the work of the people”. Liturgy, the worship life of a congregation does not belong in the hands of paid professionals. The worship life of a congregation belongs to the people who gather regularly to remember who and whose they are as followers of Jesus and children of God. This can include pastors and organists and the like, but it is not ours alone!


On Sunday, July 12th, worship at FCC Pomona was liturgy in the purest sense; it was the work of the people. Five people shared stories related to the theme of the day: Restored by God.

  • Alicia Martin – Restored by God through community
  • Keith Fisher – Restored by God through nature
  • Tom Reed – Restored by God through service
  • Jim Ross – Restored by God through mission
  • Jessica Alcazar Ellis – Restored by God through forgiveness


If you missed this incredible liturgy, I encourage you to visit the church website and listen. Here is the link: https://fccpomona.org/worship-audio-rest-renewal-restoration-71215.html. If you would like to see four of the presentations, video format, go to the church Facebook page and scroll down until you find them.


Every Sunday in June and July, people have left church saying, “I am so glad I came today. I’m glad I didn’t miss this.” The worship group has been creatively preparing the space and what we do in it in so that all of us will experience being restored by God in some way. When people walk into church and say, “I almost didn’t make it today,” and then walk out saying, “Wow, I am so glad I DID come to church today,” I know we are doing something right.


So, be part of the liturgy and be in worship as we do our work and get restored together!



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