Julie’s Jar, “Carolers Bring Cheer”

~Carolers Bring Cheer~

Thank you to:

Christi Wiley, Carol Wiley, Tom Reed, Jennifer Marceau, Shelby Marceau, Hank Mollet, Julie Zivnak, Julie Jolly, Bob Benza, Amy Ellison, Alicia Martin, Jan Akin, Ray Akin, Mike Fronk.

Together we went caroling to many of our home-bound members on Dec. 4th. It fills me with gratitude and hope that people choose to spend some of their time in sharing expressions of care to people. Being remembered is important. Being remembered by one’s church community is essential in my estimation.carolers

Expressions of care throughout the year happen in other ways I know and sometimes those expressions aren’t loudly proclaimed. When I learn of your care for others, I am touched again with gratitude and hope for what God is doing among us.

The Caroling Troupe each year is a little different but many return year after year to spread the joy of the Advent and Christmas seasons. It is an occasion when the church shows up in a band of people who desire to connect through songs of faith. People whose memory is failing sing full throated songs they learned as children. People experiencing the loss of their health and independence are transported to times of powerful memory, touchstones that give them hope and gratitude.

Eternity is being born again and again right among us. Open your ears and eyes to experience the wonder of God in expressions of care this holy season.


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