We’ve Come This Far by Faith

You are invited to participate in one or both of these upcoming gatherings of the FCC Pomona community. We’ve been through so much, individually and collectively, since 2020. While some people want to forget about what is in the past, remembering is an important spiritual practice. Remembering is something we do every week in worship: the difficult, the"What's Your Story" is written in white chalk on a blackboard. The writing is contained within white parallel lines that run across the board horizontally. Image via Pixabay. comforting, the despair, the hope.

So much of the last two years was spent in isolation. This an opportunity to come together and learn where we’ve been. Sharing stories of struggle can help us emerge from a crisis with greater solidarity. By sharing our own experiences and hearing the stories of others, we bear witness to our resilience and what we value as a community of faith.

Please mark your calendar and plan to be part of this important work as we check in with each other and discover the ways God is moving in our lives. Please RSVP by emailing or calling the Church Office (fcc@fccpomona.org; 909-622-1144).

There are two dates and formats for this event:

  • Wednesday, May 18 @7p: Zoom
  • Sunday, May 22 @ 11a: In-Person
    • In-Person attendees who can provide verification for vaccination will have the option to wear a mask. Unvaccinated/partially vaccinated in-person attendees must wear a surgical mask, N95, KN95, or KF94 at all times.

LGBTQIA+ People and the Bible: It’s Okay to Say Gay

An image made up of geometric shapes in the different colors of the rainbow. A yellow cross sits just right of the center of the image. The upper left corner is mostly pink and orange; the upper right is mostly dark purple and orange; the lower right corner is turquoise, blue, and yellow; the bottom left corner is dark purple, green, and orange. Image via Pixabay.These sessions take a very clear, historically sensitive approach to Scriptural texts that have been misinterpreted in order to exclude and shame people who identify LGBTQIA+. This will not be a forum to debate, but rather a time to make plain the historical and linguistic contexts of these passages. In so doing, it will become clear that these texts cannot be used to justify the exclusion of people in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Both sessions will take place on Zoom. Please email or call the Church Office to RSVP (fcc@fccpomona.org; 909-622-1144).

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