The Pulse of Life: Saturday, May 15 @ 10a-12p (Hybrid)


A screengrab of a flier for the upcoming event, “The Pulse of Life: Exploring the Power of Compassion in Transforming Our World,” presented by the Center for Engaged Compassion. The background is made up of three horizontal stripes. The top stripe is light blue, the middle stripe is a bright turquoise, and the bottom stripe is bright green. A graphic of the earth sits on the left side of the image and in the center of the turquoise and green stripes. A red heart with a white pulse graphic sits in the center of the earth. The text of the image reads, “The Pulse of Life: Exploring the Power of Compassion in Transforming Our World. Saturday, May 11, 10 AM—12 PM PST. Online and at First Christian Church, Pomona, CA. Register at A green arrow in the process of clicking the link sits diagonally below the URL on the right.


Compassion is not merely a soft sentiment; it is a powerful force that can transform ourselves, our communities, and our world. Spiritual leaders and directors are at the forefront of providing spiritual guidance, comfort, and support.

Join us for a panel discussion with contributors from the book, The Pulse of Life, including Frank Rogers, Jr., Aizaiah G. Yong, Natasha Huang, Nancy Fowler, and Alane Daugherty, as they share their insights and experiences on how the Compassion Practice can change our lives and communities!

This is a hybrid event hosted online via Zoom and in-person here at the church! Register here!


Summer Camp 2024 at Loch Leven: Early Bird Discount Ends May 15!


A graphic displaying the schedule for the upcoming Summer 2024 camp schedule at Loch Leven. A red, white, and black plaid pattern runs horizontally across the top of the image. The bottom edge of the image is made up of four pictures of various sizes and orientations displaying past summer campers engaging in camp activities. The logo of Loch Leven sits at the top above the text and appears as a patch that has been sewn on to the rest of the image. The text reads, “Summer 2024 Loch Leven. June 23-28: CYF Camp (Entering Grades 9-12, & Recent Graduates). July 7-12: Chi Rho Camp (Entering Grades 6-8). New! July 21-26: Jubilee Camp. July 21-24: Wee Camp (Ages 3-Kinder; Child attends with parent/guardian). July 21-24: Mini Camp (Entering Grades 1-3). July 21-26: Junior Camp (Entering Grades 4-5).”


Registration is now open for the 2024 summer camp season at Loch Leven! For more information on the different camps, cost, and how to register, visit the Camp page on the PSWR website!

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