Lent 2023 at FCC Pomona


Ash Wednesday Supper & Service: Feb. 22 @ 6:15p (Supper) & 7p (Worship)

Gray-brown ash is drawn in the shape of a cross against a white background.

  • A soup supper will be served from 6:15 until 7, so if you are coming from work, know that you will be fed. The service starts the season of Lent for us. Scripture and song, prayer and silence shape our time together. The service culminates in the imposition of ashes, remembering our mortality and the risk involved in following Jesus.
  • To RSVP for the Ash Wednesday Dinner, please contact the Church Office.


Time Change: Sunday, March 12

  • The “spring forward” occurs during Lent each year. Be sure to set your clocks ahead by one hour before going to bed on Saturday, March 11.


Bright green palm fronds fill the frame. Each frond is made up of a central green rib, out of which individual leaves spread left to right.Palm Sunday: April 2 @ 10 am

  • Be part of the parade as we bring palms into the sanctuary to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem!


Maundy Thursday Dinner & Service: April 6 @ 6:15p (Supper) & 7p (Worship)

  • The word “maundy” comes from the word “command”. It refers to the instructions Jesus gave his followers, “Do this in remembrance of me.” On this night, we remember the final meal Jesus had with his followers. We hear the story and allow ourselves to be part of it, remembering that we too are part of this story.
  • To RSVP for the Maundy Thursday Dinner, please contact the Church Office.


Good Friday: April 7 @ 7 pm

  • The gospel of Mark structures the crucifixion story around the watches of the night. Every three hours, we read and hear the next part of the story. You are invited to watch with others and hear the story that shapes our faith. The service is contemplative in nature: hearing the story, singing, and silence.


Easter Sunday: April 9 @ 10a

An assortment of Easter eggs against a gray background. The eggs are all different sizes and are decorated with a variety of bright and pastel colors. Image via Pixabay.

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