• A sculptural interpretation of the story of the Good Samaritan. Said Good Samaritan is depicted kneeling over the man from Jericho, who grips his side in pain. A donkey stands in the background behind the man from Jericho, and a jug sits in the background behind the Good Samaritan. The sculpture appears to be affixed to a building near where the two sides of the roof meet. Image via Pixabay.

    Embracing an Adult Faith

    The goal of this study is to offer adult learners, “opportunities to engage the questions of faith that are most pressing for them today”. There are five sessions covering the

  • A Bible is open against a light gray table. A light turquoise mug filled with coffee, its handle turned to the right, sits above the Bible. A black ribbon bookmark runs down the center of the Bible; it is open to 1 Kings 22. Image via Pixabay.

    Lectio at Lunch

    Lectio simply means “read” or “text”. It is a prayerful reading of a text multiple times (Scripture), interspersed with silence. The “Lectio at Lunch” practice is provided to offer you

  • Service of Prayer

    Join us for some respite from the turbulence of life. Victor Luna will be leading these weekly 30-minute prayer services on Monday evenings. Please RSVP by emailing (fcc@fccpomona.org) or calling

  • An erased chalkboard, steaked with white chalk dust.

    Good Friday Service

    The gospel of Mark structures the crucifixion story around the watches of the night. Every three hours, we read and hear the next part of the story. You are invited

  • From left to right, a bunch of purple grapes, a chalice of wine, several stalks of grain, and 3 slices of bread sit on a burlap tablecloth.

    Maundy Thursday Dinner & Service

    The word “maundy” comes from the word “command”. It refers to the instructions Jesus gave his followers, “Do this in remembrance of me.” This night we remember the final meal