Courtney Armento is graduating from the Claremont School of Theology with a Master of Divinity Degree, spring 2019. She is a member of First Christian Church Pomona in Southern California and completing Field Education requirement at the University Church, Chicago. She is under care with the PSWR for ordination. She believes in the transformational power of God’s love to heal and remind us of our interconnectedness. She embraces enlivened ways of evolving and embodying the radical way of Jesus.

Courtney is a Womanist contemplative theologian, passionate about helping others discern what it means to develop the inner landscape of the soul. Which she believes informs a renewed, deeper and abiding relationship with Jesus. She is focused on teaching, leading and preaching in ways that aid individuals in cultivating their spiritual empowerment and impels them to flourish. She is intentionally creating sacred and safe space to engage difficult topics. One of her goals in ministry, is to shift the normative subversive culture of Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence. She seeks to shatter shame, stigma and silence, through bringing the wider church into conversation, action and response to this pandemic health crisis.

In her first effort to shift the social landscape of domestic and intimate partner violence, she co-authored resolution GA-1928, A Call to See and Respond to the Crisis Of Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence. GA-1928 is up for adoption at the General Assembly, 2019. She is aligns the mission of the resolution with action through training and program development.