A professional headshot of Hilda Koorn, director of the Child Development Center. She is a Latina woman with short dark hair. She’s wearing a lacy short-sleeved purple blouse and pendant necklace. The background is a light gray-blue.
Director, Child Development Center

A Preschool Director since 2010, Ms. Hilda holds a Bachelor of Science degree in International Studies from the University of Monterrey, Mexico. Ms. Hilda has worked in the corporate, industrial field and diplomacy sector and began pursuing Early Development and Childhood Education in 2001 out of an interest and passion for her own children.

She furthered her education, completing over 45 Child Development Units from various institutions. Ms. Hilda Koorn’s first curriculum experience and instruction in Early Childhood Education was with the Montessori method, which she was passionate about and thrived in for approximately 15 years, starting as a substitute teacher, and working her way up to quickly qualify to serve as a school Director and Site Supervisor.

Ms. Hilda has held a Preschool Site Supervisor Permit since 2014 from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). She loves interacting, engaging and connecting with children and their families, and enjoys witnessing the little ones’ developmental and intellectual milestones, and their overall growth spurts. Ms. Hilda looks forward to making a difference in First Christian Church Pomona Child Development Center, and envisions its growth and success with the splendid team of staff and the collaboration of the wonderful Board of Directors.

Some of Ms. Hilda’s personal interests are reading, planting, nature, health, fitness, music and family time (including the family’s 7 pets: 4 cats, 2 dogs, and a love bird).