Natalie Ford-Brown, wearing a blue and white chevron-striped tank top with cut out detailing, smiles into the camera. She is also wearing red lipstick. Tables of food and drinks are set up in the background.
Financial Administrator
My name is Natalie Ford-Brown, Jesus is the head of my life. I am a widow for 11 years, I have 1 adult daughter, and 3 grandchildren (14yrs twins, boy and girl, and a 22 yrs young man). I worked for IVHP for 13 years, then left California to be with my mother who passed in 2015, so I came back to California in 2016, worked different types of jobs, then was hired back by IVHP in 2018 to 2021, which brings me to FCC as of May 2021. I love to watch and play sports; my favorite sports to play are volleyball, tennis, baseball. I love shooting pool, listening to music, some reading and just enjoy spending time with my family. It’s great working with the FCC family.