Feb 9, 2010

A year ago, a series of house meetings were held to take the pulse of the congregation. Three things came out of those meetings as important actions for us to take as a community of faith. The wheels of an institution do turn slowly, but thankfully they turn and we are moving forward. Two of those actions are being implemented over the next two months: 1) The technology we use for the Caller is changing from paper to primarily electronic – from postal mail to email. (note: sign up with the form on our sidebar to get The Caller today!) 2) The church web page is being revamped so more people can access it to manage the church website.

These two actions are to help increase communication within the congregation and to increase our presence on the web, engaging people outside the congregation. The newsletter and the web page are not ministry in and of themselves. They are tools we use to help each other and people we’ve yet to meet know who we are and what kind of ministry is happening at FCC Pomona. In addition, the church is getting (HAS!) a Facebook page and a Twitter account. This is a no cost way of connecting with people whose interests meet our own at FCC Pomona. Those of you with Facebook and Twitter accounts will want to sign up as Fans and Followers. There will be more about this later.

The third action yet to be undertaken completely is to foccus on one mission event/topic for the year. This congregation is so willing and able to respond to needs as they arise, it has been a challenge to focus. I do believe that it is possible to continue supporting the many outreach ministries we support and lift up one particular mission and social justice issue. Perhaps had we actually identified what this was last year, this would have happened. Lesson learned: follow up with a next step always.

I am humbled and proud all at the same time about how you as a congregation are responding to the tragedy in Hati. Over $3,500 has been given through Week of Compassion for relief in that country. I am humbled and proud all at the same time about how this congregation has focused to support our ministry through the Child Development Center during this difficult economic season we are living through. We focus very well when there is a need. Perhaps as the year unfolds we will discern a mission emphasis that will draw us into deeper learning and action. Whatever we emphasize and whatever we respond to in the immediate, I know we will do so in order to share the love of God in Christ from our doorsteps to the world.


  1. Susan says

    What a beautiful article.

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