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Sierra stream

Sierra stream

If you have a busy life, you know how difficult it can be when something upsets the apple cart of your schedule, your list of things that need doing. It can be impossible to “take life as it comes”. For those of us who are trying to make a positive contribution to our community and world, there needs to be planning and “getting things done”. Then something happens that reminds us to ALSO take life as it comes.

Today, I got that reminder. I broke a tooth, ended up at the dentist, grateful they would see me on such short notice. Within two hours of the break, I was sitting in the oral surgeon’s office, being scheduled to have said tooth removed. Great, lovely. I will not be able to help at the church yard sale on Sat. to help raise funds to send women to a major conference in June. Don’t know if I’ll be preaching or Mike will pitch hit for me. I will miss the engagement party of a church member, whom I’ve known since she was five. All the plans I have for the next 2-3 days are cancelled or up in the air.

I am more mad at myself for being careless enough to bite down on a date pit. Crack! The oral surgeon tried to assure me the surgery was very straight forward, but that wasn’t what I was fussed about. “I’m just mad at myself more than anything,” I said. Then I heard myself say, “but I guess I just need to let that go.” These words of advice came from somewhere other than inside by muddled head. God?

How often have you wished you could just rewind the day a little bit and choose differently? Regret is a heavy stone to carry around. Forgiveness is a Christian practice very often ignored when it comes to forgiving ourselves. Taking life as it comes requires we develop our capacity to forgive ourselves and recognize God’s forgiveness in our lives so we are free to live more fully from places of love and trust.

There are “things to be done” I can still do, at least before the anesthesia makes me loopy and the pain killers kick in. I will also be required by circumstance, to take life as it comes. It’s a humbling reminder that I am human, prone to error and can’t control everything. For this I accept God’s forgiveness and determine to be more patient with my fellow travelers on life’s journey.

Thank you to one of those travelers, Susan Reed, who helped me learn how to post this message even in the midst of our being interrupted by this “tooth event”, and graciously received life as it came in a change for her day as well.


  1. Katherine says

    What a bummer. I, too, have an appointment with an oral surgeon ahead of me – I have an impacted wisdom tooth that got infected. Yuck.

    Take care and hope to talk to you soon! I LOVE the new church website/FB page!!

    • Julie says

      Sorry to hear about your upcoming need to see an oral surgeon. When? I’m traveling tomorrow to Greensboro. Much improved today. Thank God.

  2. Elaine says

    Dear Julie,
    We really missed you this morning and are sorry to hear about your accident and surgery. Great blog message and lovely picture! I hope that you heal fast and feel better soon.

    Take care. I hope your N. Carolina trip
    goes well. Enjoy!

    Love and prayers,

    • Julie says

      Thanks Elaine. Today is a big improvement so I’m feeling more confident about traveling tomorrow. The picture is from one of our backpacking trips.

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