Prayer Really Helps

For 7 days I was up no later than 6:30 am and back to my hotel room by 11:00 pm, sometimes later. Always, there was another hour or so of work to do before I could lay down my head. One of the reasons I almost said “no” to the job was knowing my stamina in a different time zone. Typically, when in Eastern Time, by day three I start feeling sick. How did it happen that I more than survived this marathon? It was like riding the rapids for 7 days 14-16 hours a day.

(In case you don’t know, I was serving as the Production Director for an event that happens every four years organized by the Women’s Ministry of our denomination: Quadrennial)

A woman I know from the church I attended in college, First Christian Orange, approached me to say hello at the event and said, “I’m praying for you.” I remembered at that moment how many had said they would be praying for me throughout the week. It is my firm conviction that the reason I got through the week as well as I did was because I was supported by God through the prayer of others. Sure, I took my vitamins, did Reiki every night so I could turn off my brain and fall asleep, but the reason I was able to maintain a sense of calm (most of the time) even though I was sleep deprived, the reason is prayer.

Prayer is a significant way we cooperate and work with God. Prayer is not a way to manipulate God; it is a way to to step into the river with God who is the flow of life, provides the flow of life to all. Our prayers can collectively alter the course of the river with God, who is in the water of life with us.

Prayer is a significant contribution you can make for the welfare of the world and the welfare of people. An early church leader once said about being out at sea, “Pray to heaven and row to shore.” There is much we do by way of activity for the welfare of the world and of people; that’s the rowing bit.  Our work needs the supportive energy of prayer.

Gratitude is often expressed by people for whom we pray. They express a sense of being supported and carried. Thank you to any who prayed for me or thought about praying for me through the time of Quadrennial. And next time you wonder if offering a prayer of hope, a petition for healing, a call for understanding really helps, know that your prayer is added to the river of life in which God moves and stirs possibility and promise.

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