Interest Sharing

It was the end of the interview when the biologist offered this, “Science only has value if it is interesting and shared.” How many high school chemistry students would rise in revolt if they knew that? Except what they might call uninteresting (in child/teenager parlance “boring”) is usually just harder than they’re used to.

It occurred to me that one could easily exchange the word “science” for other words, words like “faith”. Faith only has value if it is interesting and shared. Is your faith interesting? If it isn’t what do you want to do about it? If your faith is interesting, what about it is interesting? Even if your faith is interesting it is only valuable if you share it. This is where a lot of people bolt for the door because they think they’re going to be asked to knock on doors of strangers or talk in public about what Jesus means to them. Maybe they’re afraid that what they have to share isn’t interesting.

The season of Epiphany is a season to focus on the quality of our Christian discipleship. It is a season of commitment to vows made at baptism and a season of mission. We are going to consider together throughout this season what is interesting about our Christian faith and how we share that faith. Start now, begin to answer for yourself, “What makes my Christian faith interesting and how do I share my Christian faith?”

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