Spiritually Free

What would a group of spiritually free persons look like? We asked this question in the discernment group I’m leading. All the groups are talking about spiritual freedom and engaging in a practice to cultivate this quality.

Spiritual freedom is the capacity to not be attached to outcome. This can be a quite a challenge for most of us, accustomed as we are to having some control and having our own perspectives and agendas. Is it possible that a group of spiritual free people might be more willing to be led by the guidance of God’s Spirit? This is certainly a hope Mike and I have when we decided to step into this practice of discernment.

I’ve been asked, “What do you hope to accomplish? What outcome are you looking for? What decision needs to be made?” My answer has been, “We shall see where the Spirit leads us.” That sounds wishy-washy for some people and I’ll admit it sounds a bit wishy-washy to me. I like outcomes, plans, definites.

Over half the worshipping community of our congregation is participating in a Discernment Group. This prayerful work has already begun to yield fruits of relational power…community. If you are not in a group, please add your prayers of support to the work we are doing. We are not looking to create some grand new scheme for the congregation. The primary purpose is to seek God and to seek God together, collectively and intentionally. To our mutual delight, we are getting glimpses of the divine.

So, what would a group of spiritually free persons look like? My group thought it would look something like FCC Pomona: a community where grace abides and is nurtured, people are accepted where they are in their life and faith journey, a concern for the world outside its doors is practiced in word and deed. As we continue to grow up in God, I hope you will continue to find ways to make yourself available to the movement of God’s Spirit in your own life.

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