Niche Church

FCC Pomona is a niche church. People drive upwards of 30 minutes (in good traffic), past other congregations to be part of FCC Pomona. People choose to cross the suburban boundary from neighboring cities to participate in the faith community at FCC Pomona, a decidedly more urban setting. Why? Let me count the ways.

1. FCC Pomona is a place of theological openness and depth. Some of our most recent members joined because our congregation is willing to help them think about their faith, what it means for their lives, and how we live that faith in the world as it is.

2. FCC Pomona while theologically progressive, is able to hold a variety of theological/faith perspectives within its circle.

3. FCC Pomona has demonstrated the capacity to keep people in community who hold a variety of social and political views, not by avoiding important current issues, but by creating the theological ground work for how we have a conversation.

4. FCC Pomona is an open and affirming congregation, welcoming of people who are Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, or Transgendered and their families. There are people who come to FCC Pomona because they know they will not hear hate speech about a friend or family member. It is real sanctuary for them.

5. FCC Pomona is engaged in the work of God’s hope in real ways. We do this in many ways: supporting the mission of the wider church through financial support and through broad based organizing efforts with other institutions in our area. Broad based organizing is our hands on mission work, being the hands and feet of Christ to help imagine and create the world as it should be.

6. FCC Pomona provides worship that seeks to be relevant to the issues we face as  Christians today, as well as full of the vibrant, nurturing presence of God’s Spirit.

Whatever the future holds, whatever decisions, big and small, we make together as a congregation begin with this identity. The identity can change. FCC Pomona couldn’t always be described as I’ve described. Things are always changing. However, for now, this is who we are as church on the corner of Park and Artesia. These are our strengths. Perhaps you might expand or edit what I’ve written. I hope you will comment on the website.

When we stay grounded in who we are we can more readily navigate the seas of change upon which we sail. We’re all in the boat together. I’m pullin’ for you.

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