An Orderly Account

The gospel of Luke begins “Since many have undertaken to set down an orderly account…I too decided to write an orderly account.” As I prepared our Advent Bible study, focusing on the personalities that appear in the first chapter, reflections of God’s orderly account appeared in a vision, not of ethereal quality, but of material quality. How appropriate that as we approach the celebration of incarnation that the vision of God’s orderly account appears in a vision of the world I saw with my eyes, walked upon with my feet and touched with my fingers. 

Thousands of them shimmering

Pieces of gold illuminating the space in which they hang

From gray limbs and branches, brighter now as silver for the reflection of the golden glow.


Thousands of gold leaf pieces, perfectly shaped

Petaled on the ground, carpeting the trail

Walking on light, the golden radiance lifting

the countenance of my despair and disquiet

To contented stillness

Perfect order of chaotic placement

Let the leaves fall where they may


This is the orderly account

Of God’s chaotic created order

Set down in seasons of gold and orange

Barren and gray

Green and growing.



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