Practicing Faith

I asked the Board members to answer this question. “How do you practice the Christian faith?” All of the answers had to do with doing something outwardly. Practicing the Christian faith in the context of one’s work, one’s vocation helped bring a sense of purpose and patience. Practicing the Christian faith by being kind, generous and loving gave a sense of meaning and hope. 

Practicing the Christian faith is indeed an outward expression of an inward reality, so how about that inward reality? Tending to the inward reality is also practicing the Christian faith. I am all for the outward expression, the actions that make Christ’s love more apparent in the world. I am also aware that a sporadic connection to the inward reality of our spirit and God’s Spirit leaves us more susceptible to the strains of doing.

Practicing the Christian faith includes tending your spirit. I continue to contend that quiet listening with God is critical to practicing our Christian faith. Being still to know God must precede all the doing, inform all the doing and even be part of the doing. Sometimes the most productive action we can take is to stop and do nothing. How can God inform and inspire us when we won’t stop long enough to be still and listen, just listen?

I dare you to stop what you are doing right now and listen for one minute. Say to God, “God, I’m listening.” and listen for a full minute. Go on now.


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