Easter Brunch

asparagus with hollandaiseWhat is Easter about anyway? From what I saw and heard on television, newspaper ads and overheard conversations, I’d say it was about eating: eating out, eating with family, eating with friends, eating. One TV host reminisced about his Easter holiday, “We went out to a real nice brunch…”

“Really?” I heard myself shout silently in my head with a definite judgmental tone. Then I thought, “Why shouldn’t he?” Easter may be first a religious holy day, but face it; in our culture it is a secular feast day and has gone the way of Christmas. It’s a time to eat, lots of food.

We ate lots of food too. Eggs from our chickens, a grapefruit just picked off our tree before church, coffee cake at church, smoked trout mousse for lunch (trout we caught in the Sierras) and ham, asparagus with Hollandaise, scalloped pineapple and salad (from lettuce fresh from our garden) for dinner. Why should I begrudge anyone else a great feast on this feast day, just because he didn’t go to church? Maybe he did and didn’t talk about it.

Every Sunday is Easter Sunday. Every Sunday is about food: the bread of life, the well of salvation, the wine of forgiveness, the fruits of the Spirit, the living water. Every Sunday we gather at the Table of Christ to be sustained for a long journey that requires perseverance and patience, courage and hope. We are richly fed by Jesus every Sunday at the Table. We are invited as honored guest, every Sunday. We are given what we need to sustain ourselves for our own journey; all we have to do is ask.

We serve Easter brunch every week! Join us

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