Perhaps you know someone who lives in Boston or one of the neighboring towns. Perhaps you lived in Boston once, are from there or have visited the city.

I heard the news while driving and thought, “I’ll call David (our son) later and check in”. By the time I reached my destination there was a voice mail from him. He wanted to assure me he was safe and on campus. The shock and horror at what happened was evident in his voice. We spoke later, voice to voice. For me it was surreal, being removed physically from the event. I encouraged him to be with people. He responded that there really wasn’t much to talk about. I told him that sometimes, in times of tragedy and grief, it’s important to be with people with whom it’s okay to NOT have to talk, to be in the company of people who care about you and about whom you care with no agenda other than being there, being present.

The finish line, where the proximity of the bombing took place, is almost next door to Old South United Church of Christ, where our son attends church most every Sunday with our friends Rodney and Emily Click. The day before in worship, runners were celebrated and prayed for and runners were in worship. I ask us to pray for the people at Old South UCC whose church is in the middle of a crime scene. Let us pray for their strength and perseverance to continue to  be a beacon of hope and healing on Boylston St.

What is now a crime scene will turn into a place of memorial, just a few doors down from the church. May people find solace in the healing presence of Christ that is present in the ministry at Old South.


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