Campbell lodge groundbreaking

Sharing Lunch at Campbell Lodge Groundbreaking at Loch Leven Camp and Conference Center

It surprised me, the number of people who viewed an article I posted on the church Facebook page. Within days of posting over 120 people had viewed the article. There are not even 40 church members who are “friends” of the church Facebook page. What happened? People “shared”. There is no way to know how many people actually read the article but it was heartening to know people felt it worthwhile enough to pass along, many of them not even part of our congregation.

We share information and inspiration through many more avenues that when I was growing up. Facebook is one of dozens of ways to do this. I’ve dragged my dinosaur feet into the social media age, but was recently convicted of my troglodyte tendencies by Bishop Vashtii Mackenzie, the first woman bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal church. In an interview she said that if we are serious about sharing the gospel message with anyone under the age of 35 then we must learn the language of social media.

 I believe the gospel of Jesus Christ is good news for every age and if I want to share information and inspiration with the generations that are younger than me, I need to be able to show up in the places they inhabit, even virtually. If I want to connect them with the story of Jesus then I need to be more proficient in the ways they connect to information and inspiration for themselves.

 If you’re out there reading this and you are not a member at FCC Pomona, thanks for reading and thanks to whoever shared it. Considering how we are too often inundated with too much information and inspiration it is gratifying to know we produce something worth sharing once in awhile.

 We believe the good news of Christ is worth sharing and hope you will pass it along today in some way. Proclaim liberty to the oppressed, heal the sick, companion the lonely, love your neighbor, love your enemy, remember you are a child of God – beloved and beautiful.

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