Julie’s Jar: Half Way There


The half way mark is upon is. The season of Advent is half over. We’re over the hump and it’s a down hill slide from here on out as we careen toward Christmas day. Every year, everyone I talk to about time in December says the same thing; “It goes so quickly. It happens so fast. I can’t believe there are only 7 days left….”


Linear time is still ticking at the same 60 beats per minute, 60 minutes per hour and 24 hours per day. Our sense of time, however shifts, depending upon impending plans and present circumstance. Then there is the fullness of time, kairos moments in which time seems to be replaced by something ineffable, indescribable. When these moments pass we say, “Wow, it didn’t seem like we were here that long.”


These are not the moments in which it feels like time stands so still all we can think about is just how long time is taking. These are the moments in which we are completely in the moment: so completely that time is not a factor.


The fullness of time is what comes to us each year, over and over as a free gift. Christ coming into the world again and again is making more space for kairos experiences. People are adept at avoiding them, like a skier on a slalom course dodging the gates as she speeds down the slopes.


We are over the half way mark, over the hump. I invite you to consider allowing yourself to rest in God’s gift to you, the fullness of time. I invite you to allow yourself to be fully in moments of grace and love so they can grow inside you, making you full of the hope and love of God. Now that’s incarnation.


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