Julie’s Jar: Teamwork


I just heard that the Russian Hockey team is no longer in the running for an Olympic medal. The sports people said the team was an all-star team and they’d fallen prey to the all-star syndrome. There were too many high scoring stars and not enough team players.

It turns out that in order to be a winning team, a team needs players who can actually play like a team. Team work requires cooperating, reading the other players, communicating, developing ways of working together.  Team work requires relationships of mutuality. Sure it’s good to have a high scoring player or two on the team, but without the rest of the supporting roles, that so-called star can’t shine.


Of course I immediately thought of Paul’s letter to the Corinthians about what it means to be the body of Christ. The eye needs the hand and the mouth needs the heart, and so on. We are the body of Christ and every member is vital to the well being and success of the team. YOU are part of the body of Christ and matter to the well being and success of the team at FCC Pomona.


We need each other to faithful Disciples of Christ. Next time you wonder if it matters if you show up, speak up, or listen up, remember that without you, our team is a person short as we face the challenges and opportunities of being the hands and feet and heart of Christ in the world.  Go team!


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