Julie’s Jar: The Season of the Resurrection of the Body


love-your-body-and-be-healthyI recently read that Easter is a profound call to practice the resurrection of the body. It is amazing that we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from death: that we dare to consider his body was given new life. The incarnation, God made flesh should be enough to convince us that our own flesh is worth loving. The resurrection, that what was dead now is alive, should put us over the top.

There is so much in our culture that both neglects and idolizes the body. There are the picture perfect, air-brushed bodies that are created only because pictures can be doctored. These bodies are put in magazines and on TV as the ideal. Then there is the ubiquitous access to poor nutrition, the frenzied lifestyle and badges of busyness that beleaguer our bodies.

What would be different for you if during the season of Easter (until June 8) you practiced the resurrection of the body? Could you slow down and resist demands of productivity? Could you pause regularly, breathe deeply and be aware of your surroundings? Could you let yourself grieve the vulnerabilities of your body?

It is the season of the resurrection of the body. Be glad for your body because it allows you to be alive. Your body brings you into contact with other people who love you. Your body helps you experience the world around you.

It is the season of the resurrection of the body. Be tender with your body. Feed it well. Let it rest when it needs to. Take delight in the things it still allows you to do: sing, dance, walk in nature, laugh with friends, feel the sun warm your skin. Let the resurrection take root in you, body and soul. Claim the beauty of your embodied self and remember you are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”



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