Mike’s Left Hand Remarks: Encountering God


How does your life and God’s reality intersect? For most people it is not a planned encounter. Caught off guard, our usual defenses down, we round the corner and there God is. Framed in the chance encounter, found at a point of need, the deep sigh of prayer: the Holy in the midst.

These are fleeting times for me, when my temporal life is touched by the infinite. Sometimes I have discovered it in the rear view mirror of my existence. God was there, as companion; I was not alone.

To talk about the infinite, the transcendent, the deeply spiritual, leaves us grasping for words. Unable to fully explain the encounter leaves us wishing to have a better spiritual vocabulary. Questions arise; “Was that real?” or “Who would believe it?”, but it was real, it was Holy space. Slowly we turn the encounter over in our mind, trying to make sense of it all. Abraham left his homeland. Isaiah became a prophet. John became the baptizer, Saul became the Apostle Paul. Sally became a nurse, Jim a better father, Hank a teacher. Our encounters with God will lead us in countless directions. Yet the choice remains with us. We live in a Holy Place; God created our cosmos and called it good. God created us with the same good intent.

So watch out, you never know when an encounter may occur. Jesus told us that faith requires vigilance. The Holy is out there to be encountered.

See you in church,


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