Julie’s Jar: Let Us Lament

How do we sing the Lord’s song in a virtual land? Our faith is incarnational, embodied, physical. This season of COVID-19 is disembodied, distant and dispersed. It is beyond challenging to BE the church, the body of Christ in these days.

I miss the gift of voices singing together our faith and praying out loud together. The voice is an intimate expression of our soul; it connects us as the timbre of the voices around us resonate not only in the air around us but in our very body. I miss this. This is one of my laments.

There is a longing in my soul not only to see you but to hear you, together singing and speaking words and tones of hope, grace and healing. When Mike and I send out the music and message on Sunday it is with hope that they resonate deep in you. We trust that the space between us of distance and time for those who watch later, is threaded together by the Spirit of the one who holds us all.

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